Padel TV and Live Streams 2020 – Guide

Padel is growing faster than ever. 

A lot of people ask, where can I watch the matches live?

The best place to watch the World Padel Tour, the most important padel circuit in the world, is on their YouTube channel streaming Friday to Sunday weekends when the tournament takes place.

At the moment there are no tv channels or streams with English commentary, but since the sport is growing fast you should not have to wait long before that is available.



Padel TV

So far only Spanish TV channels broadcast padel tournaments.

The best way to watch World Padel Tour is on their official Youtube channel streaming Fridays to Sundays. But you should not have to wait a long time before international TV-channels are beginning to broadcast tournaments. 

World Padel Tour 2020 Live Stream

World Padel Tour can be streamed live on YouTube.

World Padel Tour is streaming live on their own Youtube channel Friday to Sunday on weekends when the tournaments take place. World Padel Tour is beeing played March to December each year with one to four tournaments per month. 

World Padel Tour is the most important professional padel championship in the world, both for the organizational level of the tournaments and for the participation of the best players internationally.

The first World Padel Tour tournament began in 2013. It is the result of an agreement between the group of organizers of Professional Padel Tournaments, the Association of Professional Padel Players and the Spanish Women’s Padel Association.

World Padel Tour is managed from the company Setpoint Events S.A., subsidiary of S.A. DAMM. 

Every year between 15 and 20 tournaments are held plus a final master in which the best pairs of the ranking face. Participating players travel through different cities in the world to score points and enter the final Master, where only the 8 best pairs of the ranking come after completing the season. The number of women’s WPT championships is smaller, about half.

World Padel Tour 2019 was played in Spain, Argentine, Sweden, France, Mexico, Brazil, Belgium, and Portugal.

Spain and Argentine are dominating the World Padel Tour with several players ranked top 100 in the world. 

Padel English Commentary

At the moment there are no streams or broadcasts with English commentary. Chances are that you don’t have to wait a long time for it to happen. SKY broadcasted European Padel Championship in Rome in 2019. That was the first time an international channel broadcasted a padel event live.

World Padel Tour had some English commentaries in earlier tournaments. Global expansion has been happening fast so it should be close.

Every year World Padel Tour is gaining more traction with new host countries. It should not take long until you can watch tournaments with English commentary.

Gol TV Spain

Since 2017 World Padel Tour can be seen live on Gol TV in Spain with Spanish commentaries. 

Gol is free and open television in Spain. The channel is broadcasting two semifinals and the finals for men and women of all the Open, Master and Final Master tournaments of the season. 

Broadcasting in Gol TV has been attracting a new public that loves sport and entertainment of the World Padel Tour.

LaLiga TV Padel Spain

Spanish LaLiga TV Padel launched the first dedicated TV channel for padel in 2019. The TV channel is in Spanish.

Since 2014, La Liga is broadcasting sports through third-party streaming platforms. Their first product was football and in 2016 La Liga expanded to broadcast other popular sports on LaLigaSports. 

The TV channel features interviews, live Spanish and international competitions and documentaries. 


The YouTube streams have Spanish commentary. Yet no international TV channels broadcast padel. But expect that to change as the sport is growing faster than ever.