Padel in Sweden: Courts, Players and history

Padel is exploding in Sweden. More clubs, more courts, and more players. What is happening in Sweden? Exactly how big is padel in Sweden right now? And how did the sport grow so quickly in the nordic country?


Former Swedish tennis superstar, Björn Borg won Wimbledon five times.

It’s easy to understand why the tennis tradition in the country is significant. 

Björn Borg last Wimbledon victory was in 1980. Fast forward 18 years, and padel is born.

Thommy Andersson from Bastad on the Swedish west coast was the man who took padel to Sweden. The year was 1998. He had discovered the wonderful sport in Marbella, and after some trips, he decided that he was going to build his own padel court.

The first court he builds was provisional and placed on a tennis court. He does not count that as an actual padel court. But after that one, he decided to build an actual padel court together with his son, Johan. They build a simple court with wood and fences in Grevie, not far from Bastad.

Swedish padel was born.

Thanks, Thommy!

Indoor Padel

Sweden had to wait more than a decade after that for its first indoor padel facility.

The year was 2012, and Anders Mattsson quit his job as a middle manager at Ikea for making his dream come true. He builds the first indoor padel facility in Sweden. It took some years before it really took off. But after it did, the sport exploded. Padel is now the fastest growing sport in Sweden, with new courts popping up every week. 


World Padel Tour in Sweden

Bastad is Swedens Tennis mecca, so it’s natural that also Swedish padel was born here.

Twenty years after Thommy Andersson built the first Swedish padel court, World Padel Tour hosted an event in Bastad. WPT took place in Bastad, both 2018 and 2019. It was a big success for the host country with an enthusiastic crowd. 


Swedish Players World Padel Tour

Swedish players have a lot to learn from the best in the world. Still, they are closing in a little bit each year. 

These are the Swedish World Padel Tour players.


  • Carl Knutsson – born 12/05/1996.
  • Daniel Windahl – born 20/07/1996
  • Simon Vasquez – born 21/12/1992


  • Baharak Soleymani – born 25/11/1985
  • Sofia Arvidsson – born 16/02/1984
  • Antonette Andersson – born xx/xx/1974


In 2019 there were 220 facilities with a total of 717 padel courts in Sweden, according to the Swedish padel association. Stockholm and Gothenburg, the two largest cities in Sweden, has the most courts. Also, Skane, in the south of Sweden, has a lot of padel courts. 

In 2018 there were 360 padel courts in Sweden.

How Did Padel Become So Popular?

Several factors explain why padel exploded in Sweden.

Swedish Sports Stars and Padel

World-famous Swedish soccer star, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, has his own Padel Zenter, with facilities in several cities. 

Jonas Björkman, the former tennis pro founded PDL in Stockholm 2014. PDL is Swedens biggest franchise with courts in over 10 Swedish cities.

Soccer star Markus Rosenberg, a former player in the Swedish national team, also makes it to the list.

Former ice hockey NHL-professional Peter Forsberg is another famous co-founder of a padel facility.

The list goes on. Swedish sports stars love padel, and they are helping to spread the sport in the country. 

Quality of the Courts

Another significant factor in the popularity of the sport is the quality of the facilities and courts. It’s world-class. The vast majority of Swedish padel courts are in excellent condition. 

Tennis and Badminton

Tennis and Badminton are big sports in Sweden. Many players are coming from either tennis or badminton, which reminds a lot of padel.

Future of Padel in Sweden

Padel courts are being built all over in Sweden, and the country will reach over 1000 padel courts in 2020. 

World Padel Tour will continue to host events in the country. 


Padel is growing rapidly in Sweden. The number of courts has doubled in the last years. Famous sports stars are helping to spread the sport with significant investments. The future looks bright, and you can expect padel to continue to grow in the nordic country.