Padel Clothes Guide – What To Wear

We all wanna wear nice clothes when playing padel. We have put together a list of clothes and apparel from top brands that keep you looking stylish on the court. 

With big sports brands moving into padel, you have plenty to choose from. From retro to modern, what’s your favorite padel brand? 

Where to Buy

What to Wear

If you want to go basic, all you need is shorts with pockets, a t-shirt, and shoes with a good grip. 

Brands that Sell Padel Clothes


Adidas is a global sports company founded in Germany in 1948. Adidas sells shoes, clothes, and rackets for padel. Whit a website dedicated to padel you can tell that Adidas is investing heavily in the sport. With a strong tennis tradition, it’s easy to understand why.


Asics is a Japanese manufacturer of sports clothes and shoes. The company was founded in 1949 and sell shoes, clothes, and rackets for padel. The brand is sponsoring top players in the World Padel Tour and creates gear in collaboration with players. 


Bullpadel emerged in 1995 by a group of Argentine and Spanish padel players. Bullpadel is famous for its padel rackets and the company also sells shoes and clothes. The brand took a great leap at the end of 2016 when Bullpadel announced the signing of the best Spanish player of the moment, Paquito Navarro and the presentation of the Bullpadel Hack.


Head is an American–Dutch manufacturing company headquartered in Amsterdam. Head produces a wide range of products for several sports including padel. The company sells shoes, clothes and padel rackets. The brand is sponsoring top players on the World Padel Tour.


Joma is a Spanish sports company founded in 1965. Joma sells padel clothes and rackets. From the start, Joma produced shoes for general use. In 1968, the company began to specialize in sport’s shoe production and distribution. The brand is sponsoring top players on the World Padel Tour.

Just Ten

Just Ten is a Spanish company that sells padel gear and clothes. With its iconic skull, it stands out among padel clothes.


StarVie is a Spanish brand founded in 2002. The company is most known for its padel rackets. The brand sponsor several players, both men, and women. 


Nike is an American sports company that is dominating the industry of sports gear in several markets. Nike sells shoes and clothes for padel. 


Nox is a Spanish company founded in 2008. Nox is a padel gear company and sells shoes, clothes and padel rackets. Several players on the World Padel Tour wear Nox padel clothes.

World Padel Tour Players Clothes

Big brands sponsor the players on the World Padel Tour. The following brands are what the top 10 best-ranked padel players on the World Padel Tour wear: 

Padel Clothes with Print

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On Spreadshirt, you can create your padel clothes. Choose your text, design, and images. With over 200 products to customize you have a good chance of creating something that suits you. You can choose to design a classic pique polo shirt, a vintage sports t-shirt or a modern sports t-shirt. Pick a color, add your logo or text and you’re all set.


Bullpadel and Nox are two of the biggest brands that only focus on padel. With plenty of big sports companies like Adidas, Asics, Joma Sport, and Head starting to develop more padel gear, you have a lot to choose from. Go get some nice padel clothes and shine on the court!