Padel ball vs. tennis ball: what’s the difference?

New padel players often ask the question: what’s the difference between padel balls and tennis balls?

Padel players are looking for the best gear, and besides shoes and padel racket, you need the right type of balls to play.

People ask if there is any difference between padel balls and tennis balls?
The answer is yes.

Tennis balls have more bounce in them, and if you play padel with tennis balls, you will get a faster and harder play. Therefore, playing with the right type of balls is essential. Even if padel balls and tennis balls look the same, it’s a big difference.

What’s the difference between padel balls vs. tennis balls?

By the look, the balls are almost identical. But you will notice a big difference during the game. Padel balls have less pressure; hence, the ball bounces less than tennis balls.
Tennis balls have higher pressure and bounce more than padel balls.
Moreover, the size of the padel balls is a little bit smaller than tennis balls.

Padel BallsTennis Balls
Weight: 1.975 oz – 2.095 oz Weight: 1.975 oz – 2.095 oz
Size: 2.5 in – 2,67 inSize: 2.5 in – 2,70 in
Bounce: 4 ft 5,94 inBounce: 4 ft 9,87 in

Which are the best padel balls?

Different padel balls suit different types of courts, and players prefer different types of balls. Some players prefer faster balls, and some players prefer slower balls.

Head is the official World Padel Tour ball. Head has two popular models of padel balls, Head Padel Pro and Head Padel Pro’ S’.

The brand together with World Padel Tour players, developed the Head Padel Pro’ S’ Ball. The ball is faster; hence, the ball is the perfect choice for players who are looking for a faster and more lively ball.

Another popular padel ball is Babolat Padel Tour, the official ball for the Spanish Padel Tour. The ball is fast, similar to Head Padel Pro’ S’, and has long durability and more spin since its material with twisted felt.

Do I need new padel balls for every game?

Balls loose pressure and bounce less the longer you use them. Therefore, players prefer to play with new balls. The durability of padel balls is approximately 2 hours. Depending on the level of the player, balls can be used for less or for more time than that.

Professional players change to new balls during matches.
Amateurs playing tournaments and series uses new balls for every match.
Beginners who start to learn padel can use the same balls 1-3 times before changing to new balls.

Why do padel balls bounce less after being used?

Padel balls lose a little bit of pressure every time it bounces. Padel balls loose up to 25% of the pressure after the first match. Hence, it’s common to use new balls for every game.

There are solutions to improve the life span of your padel balls. Indeed, thanks to the auto-pressurized capsule, it will seem as if your padel balls will be kept in the original can (almost). You will hear the famous “pssst” when you get your padel balls. You can find solutions on Amazon, that will ensure a longer life span and conserve a high-quality bounce.

Which padel balls should I use for training sessions?

Depending on the level you are on, use different balls for your training sessions. Professional players use new balls every training session, while amateur players can sometimes use the same balls for several training sessions.

Where is the best place to buy padel balls?

Padel balls can usually be bought in big sports stores and at padel courts. You can buy them in three-pack, and three balls cost around 5 USD, and you get lower prices if you buy them online in big packs. Since several players prefer to use new balls for every match, it’s a good idea to get your stock of padel balls. Save old padel balls and use them for training sessions where it is not necessary to use new balls.


Play padel with padel balls. Hence, padel balls don’t bounce that much as tennis balls, which is vital for the game. It is a big difference to play with padel balls vs. tennis balls. Have fun!