How To Play Padel: The Ultimate Guide

Do you want to learn the fastest growing sport in the world?
(of course you do – it’s awesome!)

Then… this is the guide for you!

Padel is a unique mix of tennis and squash.

It’s is an amazingly fun sport, and people are surprised how quickly they learn to play.
It doesn’t matter if you’re approaching padel because of your sad soccer career, because you’re sick of some other sport or just because you are crazy thrilled to learn the most entertaining sport in the world.
The world of padel welcomes you with open arms!

PadelCrunch gives you the ultimate guide for how to play padel:

Fun Facts

  • Padel was first played in 1969 in Acapulco, Mexico.
  • Spain and Argentina are at the forefront of the padel revolution, with thousands of courts.
  • Padel is the second most popular sport just after football in Spain.
  • There are over 11 000 padel courts in Spain.
  • Padel is said to be the fastest-growing sport in the world.
  • Public padel courts are available in 57 countries.


Padel is not a fancy sport since all you need is shoes, a padel racket and three padel balls. You can often rent rackets and balls at padel facilities, or you can get your own gear at Amazon. Start with simple gear and upgrade when you become more experienced. Padel balls are a bit smaller than tennis balls and don’t bounce as much.

Pro-tip for first-timers: Use shorts with pockets since you want to put the other ball there when you’re serving.

Book a court

You can often book padel courts at your local court’s website. Prices vary.

Are there no padel courts in your city? It’s time to build the first one! Padel is exploding, and every city deserves its own padel court.


To put it simply: focus on getting the ball over the net, hitting  the ground on your opponent’s side. The ball can’t touch the glass or fence before it touches your opponent’s side of the court. Simple, right?

Padel is played on a 10×20 meter (32,8 x 65,6 feet) field with two players in each team.

Count points as in tennis: 15-0, 30-0, 40-0, game. Padel is played best of three sets. You win a set when you win six games, and you have to win by at least two games. For example, you win a set with 6-4 or 7-5.

Serve is played underhand, and the ball must bounce in the service box in between the white lines. The lines on the court are only used while you’re serving.

Every player gets two serves.

The ball can touch the glass after it bounced on the ground. But if you hit the ball in your own fence, it’s lost.

If you hit the ball directly in your opponent’s glass or fence, you lose the point.

Volley is allowed, and you can play the ball after it bounces in the glass or into the fence if it bounces on the ground first.

The glass is used a lot in padel, so be sure to make the glass your best friend.

Finding Players

Padel is played two on two. If you don’t have three other players, go find players in Facebook groups. Search: “padel + *your city*” and see if there is a Facebook padel group where you live.


The cost varies roughly from 10 USD to 60 USD per court and hour. Padel rackets often cost around 5 USD to rent. Three balls cost about 8 USD. Play with the same balls maximum 2-3 times, after that they get bad and don’t bounce that much. If you’re looking at buying your own padel racket, prices start at around 50 USD.


Take lessons to improve your padel game. Take a lesson early on, and you will advance more quickly. Ask for coaches at your local padel court.

Beginner Tips

  • Keep your feet hips wide.
  • Bend your knees.
  • Focus on getting the ball over the net, don’t hit the ball with maximum strength.
  • Padel is a team sport. Therefore it’s important that you play together with your partner.
  • Use your feet and take small, quick steps.
  • Have incredible fun!

Hope you’ve enjoyed the beginner’s guide for playing padel. Have fun!