Best Padel Grip and Overgrip: Complete Guide

The grip of a padel racket is a vital part of our padel equipment for obvious reasons. A bad grip can cause us to lose the feel of the racket or have it move around in our hands while hitting shots. In this article, we’re helping you to find the best padel grip.

Grip and Overgrip: What’s the Difference?

Grips are placed right on the wood or plastic of the handle of your padel racket. Every racket comes with one installed. Players usually don’t switch this grip, at least not at the beginning of their padel careers.

Overgrips are what players put over their grips. These tapes are often thinner, and we usually add them to get a better grip on our padel racket so that it slips less due to sweat. Another great function of the overgrip is to modify the size of our grip. 

Some players, even on the World Padel Tour, like Paquito play without overgrips because he prefers more control in his shots. More common is to add 1-2 overgrips on your padel racket. 

It’s individual, and some players prefer to play with more overgrips than that.

Grip Benefits

A good padel grip has several benefits.

  • Customizes the padel racket to the size of your hand and your preferences
  • Absorbs sweat
  • Absorbs shocks when hitting the ball

How to Choose Padel Grip

Most beginners play with the grip that comes with the racket. The Hesascore grip by Bullpadel is a popular first grip for players that wants to change the grip. It provides greater comfort, more power, and more control.

How to Choose Padel Overgrip

When you put on an overgrip, you increase the size of your handle, which will give you better hold on the racket. Your choice will be guided by how it feels when you are playing.

Some overgrips are absorbing more sweat, and some are more sticky. If you’re sweating a loot like for an overgrip that is more breathable than others. Try overgrips out and find your preference. 

If you want to play with a lot of power and strength, it’s a good idea to use a big grip. That gives you great support, which provides you with the opportunity to transfer more strength to the ball.

If, on the other hand, you seek control in your game, it would be better to have a finer grip. If this is what you’re looking for only add one overgrip to your racket. Having a fine grip means you can handle the racket more freely and play more with the wrist and the effects.

Adidas Tacky Feeling is a good standard choice for overgrip.

How to Put on a New Padel Grip

Remove your old padel grip and put on your new padel grip according to its instructions. Hesascore, for example, is very simple to put on. 

Instructions for putting on a new padel grip

How to Put on a New Padel Overgrip

Remove your old overgrip. Wrap the overgrip around the padel racket. Use the sticky tape that comes with the overgrip to attach the overgrip at the top of the handle. How tight you wrap it is personal preference, so just try what works best. 

Instructions for putting on a new padel overgrip

Best Overgrip for Ondoor or Outdoor

Some overgrips suit indoor and some suit outdoor padel better. For indoor padel, a sticky overgrip is often suitable. Playing outdoors in the summer or in warmer countries where you’re sweating more, we recommend an overgrip that is produced for those circumstances. 

How Often Should I Change Overgrip?

Amateurs can often play 6-8 hours of padel before changing overgrip. You can usually tell by worse control of the racket in your hand and by the look of the overgrip when it’s time to change it. Professionals change overgrip more often, some players before every match and some players before every new set. 

If I Want an Even Better Grip?

The Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer is a great product that gives your padel handle a sticky surface. Gorilla Gold is a cloth that you use on your padel racket. You can use it right on the grip as well as on the overgrip. The cloth can be used several times. 


  • Adding an overgrip to your padel racket can improve your handle and game.
  • Players usually prefer a new overgrip after 6-8 hours of play.